About Me

Michelle Adcock, owner of Miche Niche. Wearing a black dress with arms crossed in front of a bookshelf of colorful fabric lined on shelves.I’m Michelle, and I believe in making eco-friendly, zero waste living accessible for everyone. Living sustainably isn’t about being perfect—it’s about making small changes that add up to big things over time. We want to use our products to remind the world: Every little bit helps. My sturdy cloth napkins and relaxing lavender eye pillows are made using sustainable fabrics built to last a long time. You won’t find anything single-use products here. I make things to be used over and over again, which is why I make sure that they are well made from the highest quality materials.

I find that the most satisfying sewing and creating comes when I’m using quality fabrics, designs that never sacrifice function for fashion, and an attention to detail that my husband lovingly refers to as “somewhere beyond perfectionist and out toward loony.” I’m picky about the fabrics that I use because I know you are. We all want to own things that we’re glad later that we bought. MicheNiche aims to provide those products.

Sewing and making is a family affair here. My mother taught me to sew as a young child, and she and I sew together to this day. My husband can be found with big scissors in hand cutting patterns, and you can bet my nine-year-old son is nearby. (Generally asking for a snack, but we love him and consider him helpful in his own way.)

Thank you for supporting me! Let’s all do small things that add up to big things.

Michelle aka “Miche”