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Miche Niche

Reusable Coffee Cup Sleeve | Halloween Collection

Reusable Coffee Cup Sleeve | Halloween Collection

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This Halloween reusable coffee cup sleeve is designed to fit standard tapered disposable hot beverage cups to protect your hands from hot beverages. Grab one of these cuties today to keep your hands protected from your hot pumpkin spice latte!

Order your preferred beverage from your favorite local coffee shop and tell them you don’t need the single use disposable paper sleeve, you now have your own. Slip your reusable one on your cup and enjoy. Go you!

Fabric for these are all remnant pieces from previous projects and are given a new life with this awesome product. This orange and white ghost fabric is leftover scrap pieces from some Halloween pajama's I made my son, and the Bats and Pumpkin fabric is from a quilt my son received from Grandma. Feel good about buying this because it would have otherwise ended up in the landfill. High five for being awesome.

Coffee cup sleeve is not adjustable but is designed to fit standard size disposable tapered cups.

Makes a great gift, especially when paired with a gift card to a coffee shop.

Reusable coffee cup sleeve can be washed when dirty. Machine wash and dry as needed.

Handmade by Miche Niche in Sacramento, California.

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